Pilot whales visit Redington Beach

As most of you know, on Monday, July 29th, 5 short-finned pilot whales beached themselves in the shallow waters off of our beach, close to the 162nd Avenue beach access. The rescue effort by Aquarium personnel, Marine Mammal rescue and our own Public Works staff of Mike Carr and Dave Poole was a resounding success. 3 of the healthier whales were released into deeper waters while the remaining 2 were brought to a rehabilitation facility in Tarpon Springs. In a recent development, these 2 are currently being reunited with the pod in the Gulf of Mexico. We will keep you updated. Here are some pictures of the event as it unfolded, as captured by Redington Beach resident, Bob Kyle:

Whales prior to rescue teams
Pilot whale on Redington Beach
Early in rescue effort
Rescue team rolling pilot whale on his side
Keeping pilot whales calm is not easy
Residents donated tents to keep the whales out of direct sunlight
A crowd gathers
Curiosity-seekers came out in droves
One whale being carried to a truck for transport to rehab facility
The scene from afar