What is Frontier Doing in My Neighborhood?

Frontier, the same local telephone company that has provided service in Redington Beach for decades, is here. They are converting from a copper infrastructure, to a 100% Fiber Optic network. (FiOS). Frontier is targeting residential communities to give them additional options for High Speed Internet.

This FTTH (Fiber To The Home) is an aggressive project targeting homes in our community. It involves marking of utilities (painting and flagging), digging and installing flush to ground 2’x3’ boxes or 1’ “flower pots” in all utility easements. There will be one above ground box at the entrance of each community. Frontier has pledged to restore 100% of all disturbed areas, back to its original condition. The construction duration is expected to be 2 months, which includes 2-3 weeks of intense construction activities.

If you would like to inform the contractor about any non-detectable items buried in your yard (sprinkler systems, dog fences, lighting, etc.) please contact Lambert’s Cable Splicing Company at 1-888-616-6305 or email [email protected].