Our building permit office is prepared to expedite storm damage permitting related to Idalia. There is no additional charge for this expedited process.

 Permit applications for IDALIA WATER DAMAGE will be given priority for review.

If you have water damage:

  • Remove the necessary drywall (only what was damaged), insulation and flooring.
  • Set fans to dry out the area.
  • After the area has dried, please contact me (Bruce Cooper, Building Official) to determine if a permit is needed for repairs.
  • If you need to remove more drywall and cabinets, you need a permit.
  • For permitting, you can:
    • contact our office at 727-202-6825, or
    • email [email protected] with the subject line: IDALIA WATER DAMAGE PERMIT.
  • When you submit your permit, please email me at [email protected] so that I can pull your application into my queue for immediate review, again using the subject line IDALIA WATER DAMAGE PERMIT.

Please note:

  • All water damage repairs and materials are subject to the FEMA 50% limitation on improvements and repairs.
  • If you received extensive water damage, please contact me at [email protected] or 727-263-8366 to go over the FEMA restrictions.
  • If you put in a claim, I will need to see it.
  • You will need a permit, even after the area is dry.

Bruce Cooper, CBO, CFM

Building Official/Floodplain Manager