Code Enforcement

We all enjoy living here in Redington Beach. We cherish its residential character, our beautiful, soft sandy beaches, pleasant parks, the true sense of community and the quiet secure environment. Redington Beach is truly a great place to call home.

As residents of Redington Beach you have a Mayor and Board of Commissioners serving you. One of their obligations is to enforce the Code of Ordinances. These Ordinances were enacted to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of all of the Towns citizens. In order to effectively perform this important obligation, it was decided to take a PROACTIVE approach to enforcing the Towns Ordinances in October 2003. The Town contracts with Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office for Code Enforcement. Their duties are to enforce local, state and federal regulations. These codes, ordinances and regulations are in place so that our unique community remains a safe and healthy environment making, it a great place to live.

Our Mission statement is ‘to ensure a safe, healthful environment consistent with community needs and Town codes while striving for voluntary compliance and public awareness.”

The Town of Redington Beach Municipal Code of Ordinances provides minimum property standards to help make our neighborhoods nice places to live.

EDUCATION is crucial to enforcing local ordinances. Most people simply DO NOT know what the laws are and are generally cooperative once they are aware of an ordinance that they have allegedly violated.

Generally, the Code Enforcement Officer attempts to make contact with the violator to point out the alleged violation, at which time a voluntary compliance citation is issued with a time frame in which the violation is to be corrected. The Officer re-inspects after a minimum of 72 hours. If compliance still has not been met, legal proceedings will begin. It may seem to take longer than it should, but people must remember that everyone is ENTITLED to due process. It is the law – Florida Statutes, Chapter 162.

You can initiate a code enforcement investigation by  completing a Citizen Complaint / Request for Action form.  Click the link below and print out, complete and return to Town Hall via email at [email protected]  A Code Enforcement officer will receive the complaint and a file will be started.


The next step where compliance is not met is to schedule a hearing before a Special Master. The alleged violator will be summoned to such hearing. The Special Master hears testimony from the alleged violator and the Code Enforcement Officer, and evidence from the parties is submitted. After hearing the testimony and reviewing the submitted evidence, a Court Order will be issued.

If the violator is found guilty of the violation, a fine of up to $250.00 per day for each day of continued non-compliance may be imposed, and, in some cases, a lien can be placed on that person’s property. A lien can stay in place for a maximum of 20 years, and foreclosure might ensue after a period of 3 months (unless the property is homesteaded).