Frequently Asked Questions

How do I acquire a Parking Pass for  Beach Parking?

Free Beach Parking Passes for Town residents only  are available at Town Hall.

Please bring a photo ID, car registration and proof of residency.

Chapter 21 Traffic, Vehicles and Parking can be found HERE.

There’s a branch from my neighbor’s tree growing over my fence.  Can I trim it back?

The answer is yes!  The common law rule states: A possessor of land is not liable to persons outside the land for a nuisance resulting from trees and natural vegetation growing on the land.  The adjoining property owner to such a nuisance, however, is privileged to trim back, at the adjoining owner’s own expense, any encroaching tree roots or branches or other vegetation which has grown onto his property.

You may trim the vegetation, but keep in mind, that you may only trim UP TO the property line, and you are responsible for properly disposing of any cuttings.


I need a document notarized.  Does Town Hall provide this service? 

Yes, we do, but for Redington Beach residents only.   Bring your unsigned document and your photo ID and we will provide notary services to you free of charge.

Can I bring my dog to the beach or the park in the Town?

Unfortunately, no.  According to Chapter 13, Section 13-31 of the Town of Redington Beach Code of Ordinances, it is unlawful to allow animals on the beach or any Town-owned park or recreation area.  There are several designated dog-friendly parks and dog-friendly beach areas in Pinellas County. Click HERE for a list of local dog parks.