Town Projects

These are key projects that are taking place in the town of Redington Beach. All construction dates that are listed can change based on weather, conditions, or contractor delays.

Stormwater System Improvement Project

This project consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1: Removal of soft sediment-removal of soft-sediment debris will allow the contractor to video and map the stormwater system.  This phase was completed by Seminole Septic, a Windriver Environmental Company.

Phase 2: Video and location mapping - this phase was completed by Seminole Septic a Windriver Environmental Company. and provided the Town with an inventory of the complete stormwater system.

Phase 3: Hard shell removal - hard shell removal must be performed in order to allow for the measurement for/installation of WaStop valves. This phase was completed by Aqua-Nautik Underwater-Work, LLC.

Phase 4: Valve fitting measurements, valve acquisition, valve installation - this phase was completed by Aqua-Nautik Underwater-Work, LLC. 16 outfall locations were chosen to receive WaStop valves based on historical level of flooding observed.

Link: WAPRO Inline Check valves

For questions about the Stormwater System Project please call Commissioner Richard Cariello 727-410-4643.

Here is a link to an ABC Action News Story about the valve project. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

Project update: After the valves were installed, some residents living near these locations reported no change in street flooding during high tides.  An investigation revealed that some of these valves were not functioning properly.  The Town has hired Shenandoah Contractors to correct the issue. We will provide updates as we receive them.

Road Resurfacing Project

The Town was awarded $750,000 in appropriations to resurface the Town's roads.  A consultant "scored" our roads and determined which areas were priority - this will be Phase 1.  The remaining roads will be resurfaced in Phase 2. The details are still being worked out, so additional information is not available at this time.  We will provide updates as we receive them.

Map of project areas: