Town Facilities & Services

Redington Beach boasts 4 local parks, 5 “triangle” parks and 5 beach access points within its 10-block length along Gulf Boulevard.

To reserve a shelter at Town Park, please call Town Hall at 727-391-3875 during business hours (8am - 4pm, M-F).  Please provide the date and times you request as well as your name and phone number.

The Town's parks are:

  • Town Park (corner of Gulf Boulevard and 164th Avenue)
  • Friendship Park (164th Avenue, across from Town Hall)
  • Moon Park (beach side of Gulf Boulevard at 157th Avenue)
  • Causeway Park (along 161st Avenue causeway)

Additionally, there are “triangle” parks replete with beautiful flowers and native foliage plantings located at the intersections of:

  • 158th Avenue and Redington Drive
  • 159th Avenue and Redington Drive
  • 160th Avenue and 2nd Street
  • 161st Avenue and 2nd Street
  • Redington Drive & 3rd Street

The Town also has 6 beach access points, located along Gulf Boulevard at:

  • 155th Avenue
  • Moon Park (157th Avenue)
  • 158th Avenue
  • 160th Avenue (Beach Parking Lot)
  • 162nd Avenue
  • 163rd Avenue

Pedestrian Alert:

Please use the designated crosswalks when crossing Gulf Boulevard to reach the beach.

Those crosswalks are located along Gulf Boulevard, at 158th Avenue, 163rd Avenue and 161st Avenue.

Here are some photos of scenes in our parks:

New mural at Moon Park
New mural at Moon Park
Town Park
Town Park
Friendship Park
Friendship Park