In order to prioritize the Beach parking lot for Redington Beach residents, the Commission approved Ordinance 2022-05, which amended certain parking rules.

Here are a few of the main points of the ordinance:

  • “Resident-only” parking has been expanded to include Second St. E. and Third St. E. between 155th Avenue and 164th Avenue. First St. E. was designated “Resident-only” in 2018.
  • The visitor / guest pass is no longer available.
  • A resident is defined as having continuously maintained a residence in the Town for at least 6 months and 1 day OR a natural person who owns at least one parcel in the Town.
  • Permits (decals) will be issued annually.
  • Resident decals not correctly displayed will result in a violation.
  • Motorcycles no longer need to display a decal.  Instead, the license plate number will be placed in our database and made accessible to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Violations of this section will be punishable by a $100.00 fine for the first offense.

Read the complete version of Ordinance 2022-05 by clicking HERE.

A map of resident only parking areas is available HERE.

If you have any further questions please contact Mayor Will at 323-744-9455.